A Gothic Indie Bullet Hell from... Hell

Nuns with Guns is a gothic, dungeon-crawler-bullet-hell that celebrates blowing away evil monsters with extreme prejudice (in order to rescue wee orphan children from demons). Eventually, our hero will blast her way through 8 stages of cartoony gore and violence in order to rescue her retinue of kids--recently kidnapped from St. Germane's school for the innocent.

This game is in its creative infancy. While there is a playable prototype, a lot more work will yet to go into the coding and level creation. We are looking for early support in order to increase the quality of the game, get users to try it out, and eventually deliver a free online experience. Please see more info at our patreon page.

Theresa — A Nun With A Past

Our hero is an innocent-looking nun with a hidden penchant for (righteous) violence. While she reluctantly totes various holy weapons, another part of her feels incredibly comfortable dispatching evil. Having recently entered the convent, she finds herself thrust involuntarily into a harrowing adventure to rescue her new students--children whose bodies are rummored to house the spirits of deceased saints. Along the way she will come to terms with her own inner demons while actually exorcizing some real ones. BOOM!

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